About Free Curls

Free Curls is a young cosmetic brand that develops products for the curly hair community in New Zealand. From real curly girl struggle, Glaucia created Free Curls in response to the difficulty of finding natural curly hair products in New Zealand.

We understand that curly hair needs a bit more tender loving care than our straight-haired siblings. Curly hair is often drier, frizzier, and more fragile than straight hair — and the rain, humidity, and wind of New Zealand doesn’t exactly help!

We’ve designed all our products with this in mind. Proudly New Zealand-made, we’ve built Free Curls from the ground up to accommodate the specific needs of curly kiwis.

Sulphate-free, silicone-free, and moisture-rich, our ingredients have been carefully selected to combat New Zealand’s climate and give your curls the love they deserve. All our ingredients are sustainably sourced and cruelty-free. We don’t test on animals — our products are designed for kiwi people, not kiwi birds!

Our goals

Our mission is to empower, support, and inspire curly folk all around New Zealand to embrace and love their natural locks.

We want to make a real difference in New Zealand’s cosmetic industry by finding creative solutions to the curly girl routine and reducing waste.

We make ourselves accountable for protecting and safeguarding our country, planet, and environment. We do this by reducing our carbon footprint and packaging waste, using biodegradable ingredients, and supporting local charities and communities.

Free Curls is more than just a haircare brand; it’s a community, a safe space for curly kiwis to learn about their hair, swap haircare tips, and get to know each other.